Business Travel

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As a Certified Travel Consultant, my initial goal involved assisting candidates with travel and accommodations during their interview and selection process, however, my services have expanded beyond my initial intentions. Since work-life balance is on the radar of every professional and most businesses, I am equipped to provide leisure resources to facilitate this need.

Coordinating travel arrangements for business groups and professionals has contributed to the growth of my business and I am grateful to serve my network in such unique way. 

Leisure Travel

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Imagine the luxury of having your very own Travel Consultant to plan the vacation, cruise or romantic getaway of your dreams. I am a knowledgeable resource who pays attention to details, with the ability to maximize the perks within the industry. 

In addition to providing outstanding travel services, I also offer resources to complement your next getaway: travel insurance, ground transportation, car service, ticket access for events and excursions to complete your booking.

My agency is passionate about the world of travel, therefore, I challenge myself to stay abreast of the industry's latest trends by continually training with travel vendors to ensure that the most relevant information is provided.

If you prefer to book your own travels, but would like the security and expertise of a travel professional, simply utlilize our travel portal and co-branded vendor links by clicking the buttons below.