Beverly Avril


I am honored to oversee and contribute to a resource which serves both the entrepreneurial and conventional business sectors. Technological advancements have enabled us to connect with clients across the globe to satisfy their needs without the added expenses associated with hiring a full-time employee or on-site staff.

Beverly Avril's Virtual Marketplace is comprised of a community of entrepreneurs offering their talents and resources from their respected locations. With similar goals and missions, we are independent contractors and freelancers committed to the purpose of providing an array of professional services.

Together we have created an effective network to serve in the following industries:

                                                           - Administrative Support                 - Marketing

                                                           - Business Consulting                     - Social Media Management

                                                           - Business Development                - Talent Acquisition

                                                           - Graphic Design                            - Travel Management

 Here is my back story:

After years of serving as a professional in traditional settings, what I dreaded the most had become my reality - I was under-valued and expending way too much energy. I lived for the weekends and dreaded Mondays. I knew there had to be a better way. My interpretation of a better way included all the things I desired: To be a responsible contributor to society, an available mom, and a professional with the ability to earn an uncapped income. But, how? I did what was expected by completing my degree and working hard. Yet I could not fathom remaining in the traditional work setting for decades to be classified as successful. I prayed daily for God's wisdom and clarity on how to move forward. Within time my vision became clear.

After walking away from my most recent corporate position in 2014, I quickly realized why I was so dissatisfied with the traditional norm. I had traded my freedom and true worth for someone else’s dream. I was fulfilling another person’s calling and not my own. The office politics was real and I had become a slave to those who took credit for my work as I remained in bondage to the very thing I hated - the traditional workplace.

Due to my dissatisfaction with the lack of freedom associated with the corporate setting, I felt drained of my enthusiasm and creativity to thrive in my positions.

I realized that all along what I craved was:

· The freedom and creativity to work virtually from anywhere I chose;

· The ability to connect with clients worldwide;

· The freedom to complete tasks without being micromanaged;

· The freedom from time restraints of a time clock and hourly wage, and the mandatory overtime associated with a salary.

I wanted my freedom back, and it was up to me to create the change I yearned for while earning a salary conducive to my true worth, rather than predetermined earnings based on the company’s bottom line.

Once I developed a mission and a plan, I found myself in a happier place – a place where I have the freedom and ability to offer my services, on my schedule, on my agreed upon terms, and at my true worth. I knew in my heart of hearts that I was not alone in this venture.

As I connected with other professionals across the globe, I quickly learned that our goals were similar. After carefully partnering with like-minded entrepreneurs with a variety of services and similar visions, Virtual Services Marketplace was formed.

On this journey, I've learned that life is too short, and it is important to never be limited. Now, my mission and freedom are directly aligned, and I love it!

Virtual Consultant | Project Manager

I am the proud owner of Beverly Avril’s Virtual Marketplace.  This valued resource was birthed from a desire to provide relevant consulting and project management services while maintaining the freedom of business ownership.

Years of personal and professional development coupled with business success, academic degrees and credentials have equipped me to launch a team of virtual partners who are passionate about making a positive difference in the professional marketplace. Serving both the corporate America and entrepreneurial sectors simultaneously affords the opportunity to stay abreast of the latest business trends, deliver exceptional services, all while maintaining the calling of entrepreneurship.

I count it a privilege to have developed such a valued resource which is indeed a win-win for our clients and the career dream for many.

Beverly Avril graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology. Her formal education, training, and exposure have afforded her to work with clients from a varied spectrum. Beverly Avril is considered to be a champion in her field and is well sought after for her expertise.