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Several years ago, I decided to transition away from corporate America to pursue my true calling; a career that combined my gifts, talents, and skill set. Though I was unsure of my next step, experience had taught me that office politics poisoned good work ethic. Integrity is the cornerstone principle of my life, and the lack thereof in my previous work environment made the decision to find a better opportunity simple and obvious. I immediately sought God for wisdom, and He continues to develop me into a business woman who upholds His moral standards.

As I prayed and considered a new career, I decided that I would only entertain offers which would bring personal and professional satisfaction. I craved something new and exciting, with the flexibility and resources to help others while enjoying life. The freedom to make wise decisions and the authority to provide positive input to improve any given situation were my main priorities. I wanted to be true to myself and others while earning my true worth, not a predetermined salary which only benefited an organization's bottom line. In hindsight, I now understand that these privileges are made possible through entrepreneurship.

Considering the fact that my journey has been other than ordinary, I am grateful to God for assisting me in creating a unique business boutique. My partnership with fellow entrepreneurs, professionals, and businesses provide strategies to assist with the details which can otherwise leave them feeling overwhelmed and unproductive. Together, myself, my team, and my clients devise goals and strategies to advance to the next level.

Since the road to entrepreneurship is certainly not for the faint of heart, I have desired to give back by focusing on my calling and remain available for those who need a helping hand along their journey. My ministry is meant for individuals who have been wounded through various life trials, and who are in need of a resource to help during their transition to business ownership. Thankfully, my academic degrees, credentials, and business success have set me up to be an aid for these individuals. My clientele consists of an array of professions, lifestyles, and cultures which make the end result both rewarding and impactful. Countless entrepreneurs have found their freedom while reaping the benefits of both professional and integrity-driven counsel.

Now, my career and passion are uniquely aligned, and I LOVE it!

So, as you consider your business and career choices, I encourage you to be sensitive to the process.

Despite it all, I am humbled and thankful to God for my journey, and for perfecting everything which concerns me, and the calling He has on my life.

Thank you again for stopping by. I personally invite you to take a look around so we may discuss how we can work together in achieving your goals.


Beverly Avril


Virtual Consultant - Project Manager

I am the proud owner of a unique business boutique designed to partner with businesses and professionals to maximize time and increase revenue by providing a variety of professional Consulting and Project Management services.

My partnership positions me to advise and oversee my client's business structure while creating an action plan to resolve pain points and develop fresh marketing ideas to promote growth and success.

Years of personal and professional development coupled with business success, academic degrees, and credentials have equipped me to make a positive difference in corporate America and the marketplace. Serving both sectors simultaneously affords me the opportunity to stay abreast of the latest business trends while maintaining my calling as an entrepreneur.

Feel free to contact me directly to arrange a time to discuss your specific needs. ​

Beverly Avril graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology. Her formal education, training, and exposure have afforded her to work with clients from a varied spectrum. Beverly Avril is considered to be a champion in her field and is well sought after for her expertise.